La Cajita was born out the idea of a family fiesta. Growing up with my family, any reason to have a party was a good one. And everyone knows that a good fiesta can’t be without the sweet treats and family games. That’s how my sisters and I came up with the idea of highlighting the fun and flavors of our Latino heritage. Fun and dulces, childhood memories and traditions, that is what La Cajita is about. We are a family owned business bringing you more than just candy; we are bringing you memories of family gatherings.

As you receive your Cajita, you will receive, at your front door, tasty dulces y botanas Mexicanas (Mexican candy and snacks) with a very special touch. Handpicked from the San Diego border region, in your Cajita you will find items such as: mazapanes, pelones, paletas and more; giving you a mixed selection of your most memorable dulces. Order yours today and you will be guaranteed to receive a fiesta at your doorsteps.

Our unique logo is inspired by La Loteria. And as many of us know there’s nothing better than getting the chance to announce your triumph in a game of lotería.

Loteria con La Cajita!

When you get your cajita you will feel like a winner/ like you’ve earned your reward for winning Lotería.